School Safety Efforts

Posted by Leighangela Brady on 10/6/2019 2:30:00 PM

In National School District, safety is a top priority. Therefore, we believe that it is important to continually keep our families updated on our efforts to ensure the safety of our schools. This letter is intended as an overview of our ongoing efforts; however, we recognize that our work in this area is never done.

As such, we have safety plans in place at each school, and provide continual training to our staff so that they are best prepared for what to do in case of an emergency. California requires all public schools to have a Comprehensive School Safety Plan. These are updated in collaboration with National City Police and Fire Departments. A summary is available to the public at each site. We encourage you to reach out to your site principal about opportunities to learn about plans specific to your children’s school.

As parents and community members, I understand your concern for school safety, and want to share some additional safety measures the District has put into place:

  • The District has a unique relationship with the National City Police Department, which has assigned school resource officers who have a presence at all our schools campuses. These law-enforcement professionals make regular appearances at our schools and are on-call for immediate assistance.
  • All of our campuses are secured. Guests can only enter via the front office and must sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass to be allowed access to classrooms or other areas of the school. In addition, our campuses use a visitor management system to allow the office staff to better identify unwanted visitors.
  • The District uses School Messenger, as well as Twitter to communicate accurate and official information quickly and efficiently.
  • Schools conduct monthly drills to practice what to do in case of an emergency, so that first responders will be able to quickly reach the scene of a critical incident.
  • Staff have received ongoing training opportunities focused on various safety scenarios and protocols.

The District also has implemented the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) system that uses positive approaches to encourage good behavior. We strongly believe that setting clear expectations and creating an inclusive, respectful school culture leads to student success. In addition, the District has counselor and psychologist support available at all school sites.

Finally, we have the benefit of having parents, students, and staff on our campuses, and we ask that you report any unusual or suspicious activity to your site principal. As accurate information is critical to the speed of every investigation, we ask all community members please refrain from circulating unofficial information on social media. Please talk to your children to remind them that they can also report anything suspicious. We want everyone on our campuses to be empowered to speak up about anything that looks out of place.

The National School District continues to focus on protecting the well-being and safety of our students and staff. We appreciate your support in these efforts.