Water Fountains

Posted by Leighangela Brady on 8/5/2018 7:45:00 AM

In 2017, NSD was required to test up to five drinking water locations at each site for lead.  We then addressed any areas of concern found. 

 The standard for lead in drinking water dictates that 15 parts per billion of lead or higher is unsafe. Even though less lead is not considered a health hazard, we believe zero lead should be the NSD standard for our drinking sources.  

As a result, NSD made the decision to remove all classroom bubblers District-Wide (excluding preschool classes). Each site now has two hydration stations (with lead filters), and several other fountains near bathrooms and on the playgrounds. Since safety is our priority, we are committed to installing a lead filter solution on all exterior drinking fountains this year.

Removing classroom bubblers will make it possible to annually test all drinking fountains across the district so that staff, students and parents may feel secure that all drinking water in NSD is always safe. Testing for this year has already been completed, and results will be available a few weeks from now.

Interior sinks and faucets will remain in use for the purpose of washing hands, cleaning up art projects, etc. However, these will not be tested for lead contamination.   

We understand this will cause a change in culture. All outside fountains and hydration stations have bubblers and do not require a water bottle to use. However, students with refillable water bottles can also refill bottles for use in the classroom. 

We ask that staff encourage students to drink water during their break periods, and that teachers build in routines to use the fountains when students use the restrooms. 

We hope this helps to further explain the reasoning behind the decision to remove the classroom bubblers. We’ll continue to do what we can to help support the transition to these new routines.