• "Growing Towards the Future"

    Olivewood Mascot - Wise Owl


    We, the members of the Olivewood learning community, agree to work toward making our school an integral part of the neighborhood, reflecting community needs and promoting the belief that education has value.  We believe in the importance of parents and teachers coming together with the shared goal of providing quality education for students.  We believe in the importance of community involvement and strive to promote effective, ongoing communication between home and school.

    We will maintain a safe, orderly and aesthetic environment with students sharing the responsibility for that environment.  We commit ourselves to establishing a sense of school pride, trust, and mutual respect.

    We will present a curriculum that involves students in the learning process and encourages a love for learning.  To accomplish this, we will create a friendly, caring, and motivating environment to promote the development of a positive self-concept, cooperative spirit and the skills students need for the future.

    We will guide students in developing their educational potential, natural curiosity, self-actualization and lifelong love for learning.

    "Growing Toward The Future"