behavior management

Behavior Management

  • Green and Red Choices


    Green choices are good behaviors, worded in a positive way. They are the choices we want students to make such as listen, share, use kind words, and have a calm body. Green is a symbol for go, keep going and red is a symbol for stop.


    Green and red choices focus on the choice rather than the child. If a child makes a red choice, a teacher or another student may point it out quietly or simply ask if that’s a green choice. The child can change his/her behavior and make a green choice.

    Say …

    •Walking feet.

    •Inside voice.

    •Hands to yourself.

    •Let’s work as a team.

    •Use kind words.

    •Put it in the trash/recycle can.

    •Can you share or trade?

    •Is that a green choice?

    •You look upset. Can I help you?

    Instead of …

    •No running.

    •No yelling.

    •No pushing.

    •Stop fighting about it.

    •Stop saying mean things.

    •Stop throwing it on the ground.

    •Don’t take the toy.

    •Why are you doing that?!

    •Stop the tantrum.


    When a child makes green choices, he will be rewarded with a green happy face at the end of the day.  After earning ten (10) green happy faces, he/she will get to go to the treasure box.  We will keep track of the happy faces on a sticker card in class.

    When a child makes a red choice, he/she will take home a red sad face and note explaining to his/her family what happened.


    When a child makes red choices in class, he will be given a consequence.

    5 minutes timeout

    10 minutes timeout

    Call home/talk to family member

    Principal's office