boy at school

Learning Goals

  • Language Arts

    Name 26 capital letters

    Produce 26 letter sounds

    Name 26 lowercase letters

    Read 24 high frequency words





    Name and describe the four flat shapes: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle

    Sort objects by color, shape, and size

    Identify numbers 0-20

    Count objects to 10

    Rote count to 30

    Identify and create patterns (AB, ABC, AABB)

    Measurement: length, capacity, weight

    Write numbers to 10

    Compare numbers up to 10.

    Using manipulatives be able to do simple addition and subtraction up to 10. 



    Write first and last name

    Write 52 letters (lowercase and capital)

    Write a complete sentence with a capital, fingerspacing, phonetic spelling, correctly spelled high frequency words, and a punctuation mark at the end.)



    Draw a figure with the correct body parts: head, body, arms, legs, etc.

    Color with a minimum of five colors


    Fine Motor

    Hold a pencil with proper grip

    Can correctly hold a pair of scissors and use them to complete assignments.

    Understands and practices scissor safety.

    Tie own shoes



    Shares and takes turns

    Waits turn

    Consistently listens and follows classroom rules