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    How do I know if my child is eligible?

    • To be eligible for kindergarten, students must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 and must currently reside within the boundaries of the National School District.
    • To be eligible for transitional kindergarten, student must be five (5) years old between September 2 and December 2 and must reside within the boundaries of the National School District.
    • 1st - 6th Grade:  Student must live within the boundaries of this district.

    How do I know what school my child belongs to?
    If you reside in National City, click here to check for your home school.

    What documents/information will I need when registering my child?
    Please ensure you have the following when ready to register:  

    • Email Address
    • Address Verification (list of acceptable documents)
      • Correspondence from a government agency
      • Pay Stub
      • Property tax payment receipt
      • Rental property contract or lease with current rent receipt with owner's/property management signature/letterhead
      • Utility bill with your name and address: gas and electric, sewer, trash, water, cable, telephone bill (landline only)
      • Voter registration
    • Child's Birth Certificate
    • Child's Immunization Record

    If you have any questions please email your home school using the following email:

    Central School registration-central@nsd.us
    El Toyon School registration-eltoyon@nsd.us
    Ira Harbison School registration-iraharbison@nsd.us
    Kimball School registration-kimball@nsd.us
    John Otis School registration-johnotis@nsd.us
    Las Palmas School registration-laspalmas@nsd.us
    Lincoln Acres School registration-lincolnacres@nsd.us
    Olivewood School registration-olivewood@nsd.us
    Palmer Way registration-palmerway@nsd.us
    Rancho de la Nación registration-ranchodelanacion@nsd.us