Human Resources

  • Dr, Maritza KoeppenDr. Koeppen

    Dr. Maritza Koeppen, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources

    Our department will provide the best customer service possible and is committed to hiring and training very well-qualified staff members to offer this service to you.

    National School District currently employs 361 certificated employees in management, support services, and teaching positions throughout the district, as well as 258 classified employees to support our students‚ instructional program. Support personnel work at our school sites as instructional assistants, library media specialists, secretaries, custodians, and supervision aides as well as in the district office departments of the District Superintendent, Educational Support Services, Business Services, Human Resources, Child Nutrition Services, Management Information Services, Maintenance and Operations, and Transportation.

    In accordance with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), all of our classroom teachers are fully credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and are highly qualified‚ as defined by this federal legislation and only highly qualified paraprofessionals are hired as support personnel to assist our teachers in their task of, Creating Successful Learners.

    We encourage you to use this web page to find out about positions within the district and to apply for vacant positions for which you are qualified.

    For additional information you can send an e-mail.

Our Staff

Maritza Koeppen
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
(619) 336-7722

Melissa Northcutt
Administrative Assistant / Office Manager
(619) 336-7721

Paola Pineda
Office Technician - District
(619) 336-7729

Martha Vazquez
Human Resources Specialist ("A-L")
(619) 336-7737

Araceli Welch
Human Resources Specialist ("M-Z")
(619) 336-7546

Rosie Valdivia
Office Technician - District
(619) 336-7704

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