Business Services

  • Lis Johnson Dr. Johnson is currently assisting our Executive Cabinet as the Interim Assistant Superintendent of Business Services. Lis is a celebrated educator with over fifty years of experience. She taught in South Bay Union School District, was a principal in Cajon Valley, and served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Walnut Valley. Dr. Johnson retired from the Santee School District after six years as Assistant Superintendent and nine years as Superintendent.

    Having been a Superintendent, Lis is familiar with all aspects of school business; budgets, bonds, facilities, child nutrition, purchasing, transportation and more. Although retired, Lis continues to serve as an Executive Coach for Principals, Superintendents, and aspiring Superintendents as well as a consultant for school districts, charter schools, private schools and non-profits.

    Dr. Johnson’s background and expertise are extensive; making her well poised to help our team navigate through these uncharted times. She can be reached through district e-mail and is ready to assist you with any questions or needs.


Our Staff

Cowart, Erina
Director of Finance
(619) 336-7714

Fogerson, Virginia
Accounting Technician - Accounts Payable
(619) 336-7716

Guerrero, Michael
Financial Accountant
(619) 336-7713

Johnson, Lis
Interim Assistant Superintendent - Business Services
(619) 336-7717

Mancilla, Charleen
Payroll/Benefits Specialist - Certificated
(619) 336-7724

Noel, Perla
Payroll/Benefits Specialist - Classified
(619) 336-7715

Olea, Yvette
Information Compliance Specialist
(619) 336-7765

Sanchez, Evelyn
Administrative Secretary - Department/Program
(619) 336-7710