Developer Fees

  • Developer Fees/School Impact Fees 

    Government Code Section 65995 and California Education Code Section 17620 allow school districts to levy fees on residential and/or commercial/industrial projects within a school district's boundaries. The fees are as follows: 

    Residential Construction 
    $1.80 per square foot of habitable space of new residential construction or additions of 500 square feet or more. No developer fees are due if the construction/addition is 499 square feet or less

    Commercial/Industrial Construction 
    $0.29 per square foot of any amount of chargeable covered and enclosed space of commercial/industrial construction


    Developer Fees Request by Email 

    We accept developer fee requests via email at and accept mail-in checks.  Please click here to complete and print National School District's (NSD) Certificate of Compliance.  Please send the completed form and a copy of the city/county Certificate of Compliance School Fees Form to

    Please mail payments to the address below:

    National School District 
    Attn: Business Services Department
    1500 N Avenue 
    National City, CA 91950 

    Check payments must be made payable to National School District and must include an email address, phone number, and project number. We do not accept credit card payments.

    Once payment is received via U.S. Mail, we will email your Certificate of Compliance (COC) and NSD's Certificate of Compliance to the email you provide.

    If you would like to pay in person, please complete the steps above and email all forms to We will notify you via email when your payment has been received and to pick up the completed forms. 

    We are open from Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-4:00 pm (closed for lunch from 12:30 pm 2:00 pm).